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Dolmabahçe Clock Museum

  • March 22, 2022

Opened in 2004, the Dolmabahçe Clock Museum is located in the former Internal Treasury building in the Harem Garden of Dolmabahçe Palace, where clocks belonging to the National Palaces Clock Collection were exhibited. These clocks, which were kept in closed rooms and warehouses since they could not be exhibited on the visit routes, went through an eight year repair process in our clock workshop. Turkey's first and only clock museum, Dolmabahçe Clock Museum hosts exquisite examples of 18th and 19th century British automats, majestic mechanicals manufactured by French masters, and magnificent works of 19th century Ottoman Mawlawi watchmakers.

In 2009, the museum was closed for one year in order to place the clocks and the museum under general maintenance, to switch to a new showcase and exhibit plan and to include some new clocks to the collection. During this period, the clocks were inspected one by one by the palace experts, and in 2010 the clock museum was opened for visitors again.

The museum exhibits 71 clocks. These include the musical automats of famous British watchmaker George Prior, French gold-plated console clocks, automated and semi-automated musical clocks, Ahmet Eflaki Dede's final work numbered 9, Ottoman Mevlevi masters Mehmet Şükrü and Mehmet Muhsin's turbulon clocks, Suleyman Leziz's magnificent astronomical clock and Osman Nuri's decimal clock, which are all cited among the world's finest mechanical watch collections.

Article quoted from the National Palaces Department

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