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Sokulu Mosque Complex Muhammad Pasha

  • April 22, 2022

The complex is located in the Eminönü Kadırga district. It is the work of Mimar Sinan and consists of a mosque, a madrasa, a dervish, shops and fountains. It is stated in the founding charter of Sokulu Mehmet Pasha (d. 987 / 1579), which gave the complex its name, that the school next to his tomb at Eyup and the mosque in Kadirga were built by the pasha as a gift to his wife Ismihan Sultan.

The inscription states that there was a church here before, and some researchers claim that this structure, whose name cannot be precisely determined, is the church of St. (Aya) Anastasia

The structures of the college, spread over sloping land from south to north and east to west, are located on embankments of different heights. The northern part of the land is reserved for the college and school located around the fountain courtyard, and the southern part is reserved for the inn. The fountain's courtyard is accessed by stairs that follow the main entrance to the north.

This courtyard has two secondary entrances overlooking the east and west. The lodge, located at a higher elevation, is equipped with a separate entrance that opens onto Su Terazisi Street in the south. The sofa next to the mosque is accessed through the door on the western side of the wall that separates the inn, the mosque, and the madrasa. There is a water tank protruding from the block in the northwest corner of the complex, surmounted by the school's latrines and two fountains in front.

Six of the shops are located by the main entrance below the school rooms in the north, and four of them are lined up below the hostel rooms in the west. The building with two houses, fourteen shops and a bakery and fifteen rooms, as indicated in the charter, where the complex is located in the surrounding building blocks, has not survived to this day

The inn in kulliye is one of the rare cult structures from the classical period of Ottoman architecture. This facility, which resembles Ottoman schools with open courtyards and arcades, has its own characteristics. From the modest door with a low arch on the same axis with the mosque to the south there is a square striped iwan and a dome, and from there a portico consisting of two rows of five units, and behind it is monotheism, the same width as the portico.

The square portico unit planned in front of the entrance is covered by a dome, while the other rectangular units are covered by mirrored vaults. Pointed arches bearing the casing elements are found on the walls in the north and south, and on the square columns in the middle. Two “L”-shaped wings, containing eleven dervish rooms, extend in the western and eastern directions of this group the Wholesale Gate – the group of the Tevidan portico lined up on the same axis. These rooms, square and rectangular according to their location, are covered with a continuous barrel vault, and the portico in front of them is covered with a wooden portico resting on columns with square sections made of limestone. At the end of the portico rooms on the west, it turns north and continues along the western side of the Unification. Taking advantage of the slope of the land, the west wing of the inn was designed as two storeys, and on the lower level, behind a low-arch portico, nine cylindrical vaulted rooms and a small bathroom were placed under the consolidation. The most interesting part of the hostel is undoubtedly the uniformity. There is a dome in the middle, a rectangular space covered with flat roofs on both sides, on the axis of the south wall (where the mihrab should usually be), the entrance is located, opposite this, there is a place resembling a mihrab in front of which the skin of the sheikh is placed during rituals. Given the location of the building and the fact that the hostel residents pray in the college mosque, it is understandable that there is no need for a real mihrab in this place.

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